15 By 136 Inch Snowmobile Tracks

This page features the 15" X 136" selection of snowmobile tracks. You’ll find a wide variety of tracks to choose from.

Ready to order? You can either order online by using the links on this page OR call us at 607-693-1031 M-F 10am to 4pm EST. If you need help determining what track to purchase, you can contact us by phone at the above number or contact us by email.

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SKUModelTread HeightClipsWindowsApplication - NotesWeightYour PriceOrdering Information
TR9061Cobra1.352"Fully ClippedAll OpenSoft/Hard Packed40 Lbs.$499Visit For Ordering Info
TR9010Hacksaw1"Fully ClippedAll OpenHi-Performance Trail38 Lbs.$477Visit For Ordering Info
TR9029Ice Attak1.063"Fully ClippedAll OpenICE Tech-Sharp Stud SP Tech43 Lbs.$549Visit For Ordering Info
TR9202Ice Attak XT1.220"Fully ClippedAll OpenICE Tech- Factory Pre-Studded45 Lbs.$610Visit For Ordering Info
TR9079Ice Ripper XT1.25"Fully ClippedAll OpenICE Tech-Sharp Stud SP Tech44 Lbs.$621Visit For Ordering Info
TR9969Ripsaw1.25"Fully ClippedAll OpenTrail43 Lbs.$499Visit For Ordering Info
TR9969H162Ripsaw1.25"Fully ClippedAll OpenTrail43 Lbs.$522Visit For Ordering Info
TR9216Ripsaw II1.250"Fully ClippedAll Open2-Ply Construction45 Lbs.$499Visit For Ordering Info
TR9142Back Country1.75"Fully ClippedAll OpenOff Trail45 Lbs.$538Visit For Ordering Info
TR9108Intense1.5"Fully ClippedAll OpenDeep Powder41 Lbs.$511Visit For Ordering Info
TR9013Ripsaw 1.51.5"36 guide clips, every 3rd lug2 Open, 1 ClosePerformance Off Trail43 Lbs.$549Visit For Ordering Info
TR9797Challenger2"Fully ClippedAll OpenTrail Sled Conversion50 Lbs.$544Visit For Ordering Info
TR9783Durasport 725.725"54 guide and 54 flat clipsAll OpenGeneral Purpose41 Lbs.$441Visit For Ordering Info
TR9863Durasport 10001"54 guide and 54 flat clipsAll OpenDrag/Powder Snow43 Lbs.$482Visit For Ordering Info
TR9794Energy1"36 guide clips, every 3rd lug2 Open, 1 CloseAggressive Trail36 Lbs.$435Visit For Ordering Info
TR9205Back Country1.75"Fully ClippedAll OpenSnow Drag/Hill Climb Hard Rubber44 Lbs.$571Visit For Ordering Info