Camoplast 9214H Ripsaw II Snowmobile Track

This page features the Camoplast 9214H Ripsaw II snowmobile track. Its a member of Camoplasts Ripsaw family of track. The 9214H has the following features:

Camoplast 9214H Snowmobile Track

  • The 9214H Ripsaw II is one of the newest members of the Ripsaw family of snowmobile tracks. Features a new lug design that combines the best features of the Ripsaw, Cobra and Predator tracks. This results in excellent performance on a wide variety of trail conditions.
  • Less side bite through the corners than the original RipSaw
  • Less track noise for quieter operation on hard-packed groomed trails
  • Application – Notes: 2-Ply Construction
  • Technical information concerning this track:
  • 15 inches wide by 121 inches in length
  • The lug or tread height is 1.25 inches
  • Weight is approximately 41 pounds
  • Clips: Fully Clipped
  • Windows: All Open
  • Pitch: 2.52″
  • Ply: 2 ply
  • Our SKU: TR9214
  • Camoplast SKU: 9214H
  • Regular retail is $669
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You Have Two Ordering Options

Things to know before ordering:

  • Shipping ranges from $40 to $65 depending on where the track is shipping to and the size of the track being ordered. This rate scale is good for the lower 48 states.
  • Shipping to Alaska is possible, but very expensive. Visit our snowmobile tracks to Alaska page for more information.
  • If you need your track shipped to Canada, visit our Canadian Snowmobile Track page to learn about your shipping options to Canada.
  • Sales tax is charged only if the order is shipping to a location in New York
    State. Sales tax is approximately 8.25%. If the track isn’t shipping to a location in New York State, then there is NO SALES Tax!
  • Before using the online ordering option, make sure you know the track will fit
    your sled and work for your riding conditions.
  • If you order online and we determine there is a shipping surcharge to your
    location (such as in a mountain state.) We will send you a request for the amount due. You can always cancel the order and get refunded if the amount is too much.