Yamaha Snowmobile Track Fitment Guide

Welcome to our Yamaha Snowmobile Track Fitment Guide. Shown below is fitment information offered by Camoplast. Its meant to serve as a general fitment guide. Always consult your local dealer as to exact fitment.

In general, determining what snowmobile track will fit your Yamaha sled will consist of determining what width and length track will fit. Then determining if there are clearance issues concerning the lug height / track depth of the track. Looking at any sled specific features that have to be taken into account. Then considering the riding conditions you’re trying to address.

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Yamaha Snowmobile ModelModel YearWidthLength
Apex & Apex SE11-1215128
Apex (inc. GT)08-1015121
Apex LTX (inc. GT)08-1015136
Apex MTX (inc. SE)08-1016162
Apex Mountain (inc. SE)06-0716162
Apex RTX (inc. GT & ER)06-0815121
Apex XTX11-1215144
Attak (inc. GT)06-0715136
Bravo93 & 9715102
Bravo LT87-0015136
Enticer LTR & Enticer II LT87-0015136
Exciter & Exciter II (inc. Deluxe, SX & LE) 88-9315121
Exciter II ST9315136
FX Nytro & Nytro RTX (all inc. SE)08-1215121
FX Nytro MTX08-1015153
FX Nytro MTX SE 15310-1215153
FX Nytro MTX SE 16210-1215162
FX Nytro XTX09-1215144
Mountain Lite - see Phazer Mountain Lite below
Mountain Max (all)00-0415141
Mountain Max (all)97-9915136
Mountain SRX9815136
Nytro (inc. ER)06-0715121
Ovation (inc. LE)88-0015109
Phazer (inc. FX & RTX)07-1214121
Phazer (inc. Deluxe & E)84-8915116
Phazer GT07-1214121
Phazer MTX08-1214144
Phazer Mountain Lite0714144
Phazer Mountain Lite98, 00-0115136
Phazer Mountain Lite96-97, 9915136
Phazer II (inc. SS, ST, LE & Deluxe) 90-0115121
Phazer II ST91-9415136
RS Rage (inc. GT)05-0715136
RS Vector, Vector GT & ER 07-1215121
RS Vector, Vector GT & ER 05-0615121
RS Vector LTX (inc. GT)08-1215136
RS Vector Mountain05-0715151
RS Vector Mountain SE06-0716162
RS Venture (inc. GT)06-1215144
RS Viking Professional - see VK Pro below
RX-1 (inc. ER & LE)03-0515121
RX-1 Mountain04-0515151
RX-1 Warrior (inc. LE)0415136
SRX 600 & 700 (triple / triple)98-0215121
SRX Mountain - see Mountain SRX
SX & SX-R (all)99-0215121
SX Venom (inc. ER)04-0615121
SX Viper 700 & 700 ER03-0415121
SX Viper S0415121
SX Viper 700 & 700 ER0215121
Venom - see SX Venom above
Venture 6000615136
Venture 7000415136
Venture 60004-0515136
Venture 700 & 60002-0315136
Venture 700, 600, 500 97-0115136
Venture GT92-9315121
Venture Lite07-1215144
Venture TR (480)96-9715136
Venture XL (500 fan)99-0015136
Venture XL (480)91-9715121
Viking - see VK below
Viper - see SX Viper above
VK 540 III99-0520156
VK-540 II88-9820156
VK Professional06-1220156
Vmax (inc. XT, XTC, XTC Deluxe, LE & SX) 00-0115121
Vmax (inc. XT, XTC, XTC Deluxe, LE & SX) 95-9915121
Vmax DX (all)95-9615136
Vmax DX (all)9415121
Vmax ST (all)94-9515136
Vmax Mountain Max9615136
Vmax-4 Mountain Max & ST95-9715136
Vmax-4 ST9415136